Brazing Alloys For Copper - Silver Rod

HARRIS Silver Rod 0%

HARRIS 0 Brazing Alloys/ Silver Rod 0% is an economical alloy designed for brazing copper to copper connections. This is our most popular copper-to-copper brazing alloy which is used for aftermarket HVAC installation and repair. Harris 0 has extremely consistent flow characteristics because it is manufactured from the purest raw materials. Made in U.S.A.

Silver Rod Technical Specification for 0%


BLOCKADE® phos-copper brazing filler is a low melting temperature alloy that is very fluid and fast flowing.
Ideal for copper-to-brass applications such as solenoid valves, ball valves, Schrader valves and distributors. BLOCKADE® is self-fluxing on copper. Its lower melting temperature makes it an excellent choice for brass. Conforms to the EU Reach & RoHS directive. Made in U.S.A.

Technical Data Sheet - BLOCKADE

HARRIS 15% Silver Rod

Silver Rod 15%, For many years, the standards of the industry Harris Stay-Silv 15 silver alloys has proven its value. This filler metal is excellent for situations in which close fit-up does not exist, and where thermal expansion and service vibration are involved.

15% Silver Rod Techical Specification

HARRIS 45% Silver Rod

Silver Rod 45%, Performs like a 45% silver cadmium-bearing alloy but is cadmium-free. Lower melting temperature than Safety-Silv 45. Excellent fillet-forming qualities produces high-strength, ductile joints.

Silver Rod Brazing 45% Techincal Specification

HARRIS 5% Silver Rod

Silver Rod 5%, Stay-Silv® 5 phos-copper filler metal is a medium range filler metal that is well suited where close fit-up cannot be maintained. This filler metal is somewhat more ductile than Harris® 0.
It is ideal for copper-to-copper applications.

Harris 5% Silver Rod Technical Specification